The Enterprise Rent-a-Car Approach to Longer-term Rentals

There are times when leasing or traditional daily rental just won’t do.  Perhaps there are seasonal workers that need commercial vehicles for a few months, or new employees that require a company vehicle during the start of their contract?  In these circumstances, leasing can prove too long-term and not flexible enough and traditional rental too inefficient.  That’s where Month or More from Enterprise can add value to your business.  

At Enterprise we recognise that sometimes, our customers need to up-scale and down-scale their fleets to address short and medium-term requirements.  Month or More has been created to enable customers to do just that; expand their fleet of vans or cars to enable them to capture increases in demand, whether seasonal, contractual or simply down to organic growth.

Cost efficiency

With Month or More, our goal is to provide you with an alternative to long-term leasing or buying, saving your business unwanted expenses.  The ability to hold the vehicle only as long as you need to, with no early termination costs, provides businesses with both flexibility and efficiency, meaning you can scale your fleet according to your own business demands.

Across Spain

Utilising our network of over 100 branches across Spain, we’re always close to where you need us.  Each branch can service your Month or More needs, ensuring you can retain a local relationship with your Enterprise team and benefit from the great service that Enterprise is known for across the world.   What’s more, access to the branches means that our local teams can facilitate the renewal of the rental contract every 28 days to minimise disruption to your business. 

And More...

With Month or More you will enjoy the same benefits of a short-term car or van rental. As well as a wide choice of vehicles, you will also experience Enterprise’s great customer service and support, including our Free Pick-Up® service.

It’s Easy to Get Things Started

Simply call or visit your local Enterprise Rent-A-Car branch to find out how Month or More can keep your business moving.