Electric Vehicle Quick Start Guide

Hiring an EV for the first time can seem overwhelming. Enterprise is here to help. Read through our quick start guide so you know exactly what to do when you pick up your rental car.

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Picking Up Your EV From Enterprise

It’s easy as 1-2-3 to pick up your EV from Enterprise.

  1. Head to the Enterprise branch location where you’ve made your reservation. If you made your booking online, just show your driver's licence.
  2. If you haven't prepaid online, pay and pick up the keys
  3. A Customer Service Representative will take you to your Electric Vehicle and show you around.


Download an EV Charging Station App

There are several good free apps for finding EV charging stations which list most of the charging stations in the country across the different networks.

These apps allow you to plan journeys so you know where you need to recharge along the route, depending on the range of your car. You can filter by type of car, type of connector, network and payment type so you are never caught short.

Find out more about how to charge your EV.

Returning Your EV to Enterprise

Branch policies may differ when it comes to returning EVs, including but not limited to:

  • Where to park EVs at branches
  • Returning EVs with a specific level of charge (usually this will be whatever the charge was when you picked it up)  
  • Potential fees if the branch needs to top up the charge level where you have returned the car with a lower level.

Contact the branch location you’re renting from for the most up-to-date EV rental return policies. When calling, it may be helpful to have your reservation number and the type of EV you are renting readily available.