Can I share my Enterprise Plus Points with family or friends?

Yes, you may choose to transfer points to a friend or family member who is also an Enterprise Plus member. That member can then follow the required steps to redeem the points for free rental days at thousands of participating Enterprise locations worldwide.

Members may transfer between 500 and 7,500 points, in 500-point increments, to another Enterprise Plus Member. A maximum of one transfer per calendar year from an Enterprise Plus account and a maximum of one transfer per calendar year into an Enterprise Plus account are allowed. To be eligible to receive a points transfer, the recipient Member's account must be activated prior to the transfer. Points transferred will assume the expiration date associated with any points balance in the recipient's Enterprise Plus account or three (3) months from date of transfer, whichever is greater. This date may be extended 36 months as long as the Member earns one (1) or more points for a Qualifying Rental prior to the expiration date occurring. Once points have been transferred to another Member's account, the transfer cannot be reversed.