Do I need a deposit to rent a car while my vehicle is in the shop?


The deposit amount varies by location. If you will be paying for the rental or if a direct bill has not been set up through an insurance company, local deposit rules apply. Local deposit rules can be found by starting a reservation on Select "Start a Reservation" and choose your rental location, dates and times. Once on the “Choose a Vehicle Class” page, click on “Terms & Conditions/Policies”, located in the top right corner, and then click on the “Renter Requirements” policy.

In the event billing has been confirmed with an insurance company, we may ask for a small deposit. It is usually lower than the standard amount. If you are responsible for a portion of the rental, the deposit can be applied to the balance and any remaining funds can be refunded once the rental is returned and billing is finalized with the insurance company. Check with the Enterprise location you are renting from for details.

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